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1. For OEM:
We produced rugged tablets,Rugged Phones,Handhelds for more than 5 years, we have  accumulated many models with android or windows OS,3.5 inch to 10.1inch, MTK or Qualcomm or Intel CPU,many functions like NFC,4G,Fingerprint scanner,barcode scanner,Serial port..... If our existing products can meet your demands. It is so good to make OEM orders for you, which can save much time and much money for your project.
Around our factory, there are many printing partners,color box partners,There is no problem for us to print your logo or paste matel logo on the products for samples, and can make booting logo and make your own color box design if there is bulk orders.
We have Abundant experience to make OEM orders for our many clients. 
Ensure that we make OEM orders for you in Highly Cost-Effective Way, which can save cost for you while guranteeing Good Quality.

2.For ODM:
If our existing products can't meet your demands or you have better ideas or you had found one special market,welcome to make ODM orders for you.
Our Group has Design Team which is professional on designing IP65-IP68 Rugged case.
With the ability of design the rugged case of rugged tablets,rugged Handhelds or rugged phones according to your ideas.
Our Group has Design Team, Molding & Injection Team,Engineer Team,Assembly Department to work for your ODM orders.
Design Team:
If you have no design, only have idea,please feel free to tell your idea or your requirements, then our design team will design the rugged case according to your ideas, it will take about 1-2 months to design,evaluate and confirm.
Our designer Team has good experience on designing rugged case.Many design cases were successful.

Molding & Dual-Color Injection:
After designing rugged case, our Group has molding department to open and make the molds according to the 3D design drawing. and can make Dual-color Plastic Injection and produce out the rugged case.
There are 4 Spark Machines, 3 milling machines,3 CNC machines and 6 Dual-color injection machines.

Engineer Team:
In Engineer Team, there are Hardware Engineers and Software Engineers to solve hardware and software problems.
Meanwhile, we have good relationship with Solution partners who specialized in MTK, Qualcomm and Intel CPU, it is good for us to get more supports from them. In addition, we have good partners who are NFC,RFID,Fingerprint scanner,Barcode scanner Suppliers.

Assembly & Manufacturing:
We have Test devices and Assembly workshop, there is 3-4 assembly lines in the workshop,  each assembly line can assembly about 1500pcs rugged phones or about 700-1000pcs rugged tablets per day.

In a word, we can provide desgin > molding & Injection > customization > assembly,  One-Stop Service.
Could you send your requirements to us now? If there is any question, please feel free to contact with us. We will provide you with Good Quality + Good Price + Good Service.
Thanks so much.
Contact:  ODEM-Highton,    Email: odem@szhiton.com ,  Mobile Phone: 0086-18665358211